Harner Supply had a very serendipitous beginning in 1974. April 3, 1974 began just like any other Spring day, however the weather was very unstable. By 4:30 PM the sky was very ominous and tornado warnings were advising all to take cover. J O Harner (Jim) was working at his family business in Xenia that day when a neighboring businessman called for him to come to the street and look west. Just then several tornados merged and headed in his direction. For safety, Jim retreated to the small office and into a small bathroom and hung onto the commode, while the TP was sucked right out the window. To this day, all of us at Harner Supply believe that is why we are in the business of selling "Plumbing Supplies."

From this unique beginning, Harner Supply has developed into a full service Plumbing Supply House for the Miami Valley area. We pride ourselves in personal service and problem solving. Our staff has a combined work history at Harner Supply of 177 years with sales staff longevity from 8 to 36 years. Our emphasis is on quality products at a fair price with a specialty in researching and ordering those hard-to-find items.


We carry a full line of products for new and remodel construction, including, but not limited to: Moen, In-Sink-Erator, Lasco (Aquatic) Bathware, Zoeller Pumps, and Bradford White Heaters.

J.O. Harner Supply | 914 West 2nd St.Xenia, OH 45385 | PH: 937 372-2181